About Us

Fun & Friendship through swimming

Thank you for your interest in Swimming Buddies!

At Swimming Buddies we aim to help all our buddies reach their full potential in swimming and stay safe in the water while making some new friends along the way.

For children with autism swimming can be a very therapeutic activity, calming the sensory overloads of our world. As autistic children view, feel and understand the world in a unique way it means that the teaching process for learning to swimming must be unique also. Our coaches have experience with children with autism and understand the best teaching techniques to use while helping children to stay safe in the water. Coaches have wide and varied experience and focus on child centered learning with adaptable teaching methods, using visual aids and supports to help with processing key points of swimming before practice.

All coaches have the most up to date training and follow the Impact Awards Program ensuring the children get the best experience from their sessions. We feel children work best alongside their peers and it gives everyone a chance to make some new buddies, our classes have a ratio of 3:1 and last 30 minutes with all coaches remaining in the water at all times. Numbers at the Fleming Fulton pool are kept to a minimum and we offer a quieter pool space with dimmed lights to allow the best sensory experience.

Swimming Buddies is delighted to announce that they will be working in partnership with Autism Initiatives, we are so pleased to have them as part of the wider Swimming Buddies family. Autism Initiatives invaluable expertise and experience with help us to make the child experience at Swimming Buddies the best it can be!